#30DaysofAutismAcceptance – Day 23

Day 23.  Talk about your living situation.  Where do you live?  Do you live alone or with other people?  Are you happy with your current living arrangements?

Well I’m living, so that’s always a plus to begin with 😉

I live on Penrhys Estate, a mountain top village overlooking the Rhondda Valleys in South Wales.

I’ve lived here for most of my life. That is always easier for someone who doesn’t like change.

It’s not too loud up here, there are no big crowds, traffic is sparse and if you want to hide away for a week or two its easily done.

I live in a three bedder house with my partner, our son, her daughter and our two cats. My daughter also comes to stay 3 weekends a month.

Sometimes sharing a house for me can be difficult as it easy to become overwhelmed, and overstimulated, and it is not easy to get alone time. Especially in the six weeks holidays.

So sometimes I do find myself thinking “would I be happier living in a house on my own”, and I’m sure my family knows I think this occasionally too.

But I’ve lived alone before, I once had a one bedroom flat and when it wasn’t being used as a dosshouse or a drinking ground, I found myself alone in a very small space. This gave me way too much time to think etc.

I’ve also experienced having no fixed abode and the insanity of floating around from place to place with all my belongings inside my pockets. Sure staying at your mates for a few days is fun, but when you there for weeks on end, then it puts a strain on the friendship, and you soon find yourself not feeling so welcome anymore.

So yeah living with others can be difficult. But when its your partner and kids, you never feel alone… Even when you want to be lol. You always feel welcome, and a house suddenly feels like a home 🙂



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