#30DaysofAutismAcceptance – Day 22

Day 22.  Talk about autism parents.  How do you feel about this section of the community?  Do you feel as if they speak over you?  Do you find the term ‘autism parent’ rude or offensive?

I believe that autism parents have one of the hardest jobs in the world, parenting is difficult when your child conforms to all the stereotypical children that you find in parenting books. But when your child is autistic, neurotypical parenting books are not that helpful.

Neurotypical children have tantrums, but autistic children can have meltdowns over the littlest things. If autism parents can adapt and learn to help their children through these meltdowns then my “imaginary” hat goes off to them.

I don’t feel as if autism parents speak over me. Although his could be due to me not really having much communication with them.

I don’t find the term “autism parents” rude or offensive. Its a label that enables a group of people to come together, share stories, and learn to grow as parents and do their best to raise their autistic children in the best way possible.



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