#30DaysofAutismAcceptance – Day 19

Day 19.  Talk about your struggles and strengths.  What things are difficult for you because you are autistic?  What are the positives of being autistic?  Do you have a special skill or talent?

I’ve spoken about a lot of my struggles over the last 18 posts.

I struggle to maintain friendships, I struggle with time management, I struggle with everyday sights/sounds/smells, I struggle to be the boyfriend that I’m needed to be, I struggle to be the parent that I’m supposed to be, I struggle to sleep decent hours, I struggle with change, I struggle with getting my god damn thoughts out on paper.

But there are positives.

I notice things that other people may not notice, I notice solutions to problems that other people haven’t thought of. I notice a literal and logical solution to a problem when no one is thinking literal or logically.

I say things that need to be said. Mostly because my filter isn’t working but I say them things anyway. I don’t think about who it may offend or hurt, I say those things cause they need to be said.

When I got friends, I’m a good friend. I will do anything I can to help someone. Even if they may not deserve it.

I can draw, I can draw good. I have an eye for detail and I can call upon images from memory and draw them.

I can pour a lot of time and effort into things due to my obsessive nature, If I got a job I will work my arse off to do that job.

I come up with ideas, creative ideas, outside of the box ideas. I don’t know where the ideas come from but I come up with them.

I can take pain, both emotional and physical, my body doesn’t always feel it. But sometimes it just goes on auto pilot. My feet are blistered and bleeding … Keep walking. My mum has just had a stroke … Be strong when everyone else falls to shit. I may have dislocated my shoulder last Saturday … When is my next wrestling match.

The positives and negatives of autism usually go hand in hand, I don’t have superpowers or special abilities I just have traits that help me in ways, whereas others hinder me.

Autism is my sunlight and my kryptonite.



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