#30DaysofAutismAcceptance – Day 18

Day 18.  Talk about functioning labels.  What is your opinion about functioning labels?  Where are you on the spectrum?  If you don’t like functioning labels how would you describe your functioning ability?


Functioning labels are a great idea. The problem is you can’t label autistics simply into groups of low-functioning and high functioning groups.

I am classed as being high functioning when it comes to my placement on the autistic spectrum.

This means that I can pretty much hide in plain sight around neurotypicals, they may think that I’m a bit odd, rude or annoying at times but other than that it is pretty much unnoticeable.

But I’m high functioning because I can mostly communicate my needs, wants, how I feel. I’m capable of looking after myself, and I don’t need round the clock assistance.

I just come across as someone who is a little socially inept or a bit quirky.

At least this is me on my good days. On my bad days my autism is fully recognisable. These are the days that I don’t leave the house. The days where I close up shop. Shut all the curtains, snuggle under a heavy blanket, and avoid social interaction.

The only people who see these days are my immediate family, these are the days I cancel plans, skip classes, and make up all manners of excuses to not leave the house. I feel bard, I don’t really need to go to uni today, can someone else get the kids for me from school?

These are days that I ask my partner does she really need to go to work, I just want to spend these days in bed.

These are days when my functioning ability is low, even the most simple of sentences could cause me confusion and annoyance. I snap at people for no or very little reason. I’ll forget to eat, drink, sleep is the one thing I want but on those days even that seems to avoid me.

But I’m high functioning so on these days what does that make me?


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