#30DaysofAutismAcceptance – Day 15

Day 15.  Talk about identity.  How do you identify?  Autistic?  Asperger’s?  Person with Autism?  What’s your take on person/identity first language?


I am not a person with autism. I don’t have autism. I am an autistic, I was diagnosed with aspergers so I primarily identify by calling myself an aspie. I like aspie, mostly because it is easier to spell than aspergers. But It is also because it takes away the idea of it being a syndrome, a disability. Calling myself an aspie makes it sound more like it is a part of me, rather than it being something that is wrong with me.

I didn’t really know what identity first language meant , so I went and had a look. It’s the belief that the disability is an important part of the person’s identity. I believe this to be true, I would not be the same person without autism. My entire self is created by me having this “disability”. That’s why it would be impossible to cure. No one would know who I was without it. I wouldn’t know who I was without it.

It is also nice to identify as an autistic, when it comes to meeting others with autism. Instantly you feel like you have a bond. I can imagine it would be similar to a vegan meeting another vegan, yay we both don’t eat meat, let’s bond. That’s how I feel when I meet someone else who is autistic, yay we are both socially awkward and blunt as fuck, lets be socially awkward and blunt as fuck together.


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