#30DaysofAutismAcceptance – Day 12

Day 12.  Talk about ableism.  Have you experienced discrimination?  Have you been the target of hate speech or slurs?  Have you been a victim of abuse or violence?  What’s the rudest thing someone has said to you about autism or you being autistic?


Okay so first of all I had to google what ableism was. It is the discrimination of people with disabilities.

I’ve never really been discriminated against because of my Autism. Mostly because people don’t know enough about it or realise that I am “disabled” or “differently-abled” as I prefer it to be called.

I’ve never technically been a victim because of my Autism, but I have been mocked and ridiculed for some of my symptoms.

As a child I was mocked for not being able to play football like the other boys, or because I was clumsy or sometimes that I acted strangely.

These people didn’t realise it was because I was Autistic they just saw I was different, and people don’t tend to like different.

I was bullied a lot as a child, it was one of the main reasons I hated school, I didn’t like violence, tried not to get into fights. But when I did fight, I either ended up hitting someone who didn’t deserve it or going too far and being called a freak or a psycho for that.

The rudest thing someone has said to be about being Autistic? It’s not really rude but the old “I think we are all on the spectrum” line really hurts. As it devalues everything I go through in a day.

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