#30DaysofAutismAcceptance – Day 11

Day 11.  Talk about sensory issues.  Do you also have sensory processing disorder?  What kind of clothes do you wear?  What foods do you eat?  Are you sensitive to light or sounds?  How do you deal with overstimulation?


I have an abundance of sensory issues, I may have a sensory processing disorder but if I do it is undiagnosed.

My clothes are always too big, I can’t wear clothes that are fitted or too tight. Somedays clothes will feel okay to me, another day I just want to throw them in the bin. I can tell if my clothes have been washed in a certain detergent or if they have been tumble dried. I do everyone’s head in with my problems with clothes. People refuse to buy them for me and that’s okay. Because I don’t have to force myself to wear something that is uncomfortable to me. I would quite happily wear the same t-shirt, trousers and jacket day in, day out. They will always be clean, but when you do this people tend to think you don’t wash them.

Foods are a strange subject with me. Same with clothes I will quite happily eat the same thing over and over again. At the moment its Omelettes, I tend to have one nearly every day. I also go off foods really quickly, so in a while I may not be able to eat Omelettes. The very idea of an Omelette will make me feel ill. The smell will make me want to puke. This has happened to me with plenty of foods in the past.

I cannot stand fluorescent lighting. I hate supermarkets because of this. I can see the shaking beams of light coming from them and they give me a migraine. I hate the sun when its bright, even being outside becomes painful for me. I don’t like bright rooms. I just don’t like bright lights. But my idea of what is a bright light differs from other peoples.

Sounds … I hear every fucking thing … I hear when an ant sneezes … if ants sneezed at least. I hear every buzz, hum, whistle of the world around me. I can’t block out sounds. I can’t ignore a ping. If I could mute the world for a day I would. Sounds is my worst issue. I hear people breathing, their heart beats, sometimes it gets too much.

How do I deal with overstimulation? I stim and try to carry on through my day. I may get anxious, angry or annoyed. I may be nasty to people I don’t mean to be nasty too. Or sometimes I just need to reboot and that’s when I sleep.

If you’ve never dealt with overstimulation you never will understand what my world sounds, looks and feels like. That’s okay but if I seem to have attitude with you one day, maybe be a bit more patient with me. I can’t control my emotions cause I’m being overwhelmed by your heatbeat.



2 thoughts on “#30DaysofAutismAcceptance – Day 11

  1. As sensory issues go, auditory stimulus seems to be my big one. My wife and I had her bestie and the best friend’s boyfriend over tonight. It was great fun, but I was so fried at the end that I just couldn’t have anything to do with my wife after they left. I’ve had a handful of gatherings where the noise and the crosstalk have burned me out so hard I’ve just been in a daze. I worked once in a big, open office space with crappy linoleum tiles, and a few pieces of medium-sized equipment running. Two of those machines were always making some low-level noise, but periodically kicked up to something that sounded like the carbon-freezing facility in Empire Strikes Back. It wore me out and drove me nuts, but it took me a long time to pinpoint that as the source of my pain.
    Smell rarely gets to me, but if I’m in the car with my wife, hungry and maybe a little grumpy, and she breaks out a snack of some sort, the sound and smell together just gross me the hell out.


    1. Yeah … I get that … If I go out socialising I normally need a full day off then recovering … I used to think everyone’s life was full of all these sounds, sights and smells mate … I didn’t realise it was autism related until I was 20 years old … I always wondered why I struggled so much when someone else didn’t … Its refreshing to hear other people understand and go through similar things … Thanks for sharing


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