#30DaysofAutismAcceptance – Day 10

Day 10.  Talk about a cure.  What is your opinion about seeking a cure for autism?  Do you want a cure?  Why or why not?  And/Or  Talk about stimming.  Do you stim? How?  What are your favorite stims?  Do you have different stims for when you are happy or agitated?


Okay, let us talk about a cure for Autism.

How could you cure it?

There is no way to cure it, it is a part of the individual.

It is part of their actual make-up.

My brain is wired differently to others, I’m different, not defective.

The way to cure Autism is to stop looking at it as something that needs to be cured.

It is instead about looking at what the Autistic needs, then finding a way to support and help them meet them needs.

I understand why people with lower functioning Autism would want a cure, but it is not probable, let alone possible. People used to be sent to insane asylums with Autism, did they get cured? No, they had pieces of their brains chopped out. That isn’t a cure, that’s lobotomy.

Autistics are not defective neurotypicals (non-Autistics) they are just Autistics.

We are not a disease, we are not even really a condition. We are just different. Money and resources are wasted on a cure when instead it could go to helping support and aid Autistics, helping them get the best out of life.

We need help, guidance and understanding. Not a cure.


Stimming, I like talking about stimming.

I actually think talking about stimming may be one of my stims.

Stimming is what tends to happen when an Autistic gets overstimulated by the world around them.

This happens to me a lot.

The most common forms of stimming for me are:-

  • Flapping (My arms, wrists and hands)
  • Echolalia (Repeating words and phrases)
  • Hand/Finger drumming tapping (Sometimes with a pen)
  • Chair Rocking
  • Leg Tapping
  • Running my hands through my Hair and Beard

My stims happen constantly, they tend to get worse if I’m excited or stressed.

But I don’t really have different ones depending on my moods.


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