#30DaysofAutismAcceptance – Day 7

Day 7. Talk about community. How are you treated by your local community? Do you participate in any online communities? How have they reacted to you being autistic?

My community is one of those old school everyone knows everyone communities.
There are quite a lot of autistic children here, and I’d hazard to guess a few undiagnosed autistic adults. But as for out-there autistic adults I’m definitely one of the only, if not the only.
But, I am very involved in my community. I take part in projects, meetings etc. on a regular basis … or semi-regular basis since I became a student.
Projects are a bit of a mixed bag for me, if its something I understand and am confident doing, I do it really well.
If it is a project I’m not familiar with, I do require a lot of clear instructions and this can tend to get on peoples’ nerves.
Meetings … I am very vocal and tend to not think before I speak, this sometimes insults people or makes people jump on the defensive, I don’t mean to be as abrupt as I am sometimes but if I’m having a #nofilterday I can be quite rude.
Most the time though I get on with the people in my community, my autism doesn’t really affect my relationship with them as most of them have known me since I was young… They’ve grown used to me by now.
I don’t really engage in online communities … I even tend to limit my time talking on facebook as if I get into an argument the autistic in me will not let the argument die…


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