#30DaysofAutismAcceptance – Day 9

Day 9.      Talk about Autism Speaks.  Do you support them?  What’s your opinion about their policies? And/or  Talk about special interests.  Do you have a special interest?  What is it?  Feel free to infodump.

Do I support Autism Speaks?

I support them about as much they support me…

Autism Speaks is not about trying to help autistics… They want to destroy us…

Pretty much the ISIS of the autistic world… But instead of beheadings they use forceful bleaching, enemas and “camps” that try and “cure” people of their autism…

Apparently recently they’ve “turned over a new leaf” but even if this is true, most autistics won’t trust or support them for their past crimes against us …

Please if you want to help autistics do not support this group … Do not light it up blue for autism awareness… We exist, you are already aware of us… We want acceptance, love and understanding… not inhumane cures.


Special Interests –

My special interests change quite often …

My main one has always been gaming

I started with an Atari (Playing Pac-man, Snake and the original Mario Bros (Before they went Super) …

These days I enjoy putting hundreds of hours a week into my PS4 Pro on my 4k UHDR TV …

My favourite pastime is jumping into a huge, lengthy open world game and spending hours in a world that is not my own.


I’ve also been a massive fan of pro-wrestling for many years …

I love the theatrics, I love watching a match and looking at what went right, what went wrong, how they could improve the product.

Yes its fake, but so is all the other crap on TV.

This is scripted choreographed fighting, Its Eastenders with more violence.

Recently I’ve been learning how to wrestle and am going to be performing in a ring for the first time this Saturday. It is literally one of my childhood dreams come true and I cannot wait.

If you haven’t already got a ticket and live in the Rhondda Valleys do yourself a favour and get over to the THIS IS WRESTLING facebook page and grab some tickets for Saturday’s event.


Yes, I just plugged a wrestling show on my Blog Post … I am shameless.



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