#30DaysofAutismAcceptance: Day 1 – Introduction


Make yourself known.  Tell the world your name and age.  Talk about your diagnosis.  Are you self or professionally diagnosed?  Do you think self-diagnosis is valid?  When did you realize/find out you were autistic?  Post a photo of yourself if you’d like.

Hello, my name is Stephen Daniel Jones and I’m 26 years old, and I’m an autistic.

(The rest of the circle claps, and says thank you for sharing)

I was diagnosed young, about 7 or 8. Young enough to mildly understand but not really old enough to care.

Professionally diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. Which sadly doesn’t actually technically exist anymore, I liked the word, and the shortened name of Aspie, we all just have ASD’s (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) now. Which just sounds like some form of sexually transmitted disease.

Do I think self-diagnosis is valid? Not really, unless you have the proper qualifications in place you shouldn’t really be self-diagnosing anything. My advice for anyone self-diagnosing themselves with an ASD or any other disorder, would be to go to your doctor and speak to them. It may turn out you’re not autistic, you may be schizophrenic (some symptoms in common) and you should probably get some meds for that.

When did I realise I was autistic? Well, I think it was the first time I solved algebra in the infants’ school.

No I’m not a math genius, and I can’t say I ever realised I was autistic, not as a child anyway. I knew I had Aspergers Syndrome and that it made me not likeable and clumsy. I found this out through rigorous bullying and many, many broken bones. But I was just me, I didn’t know the differences between being autistic and non-autistic, because I always have been autistic.

But as an adult I had a good cry when I found out the true extent of my autism. Reading a post on the internet about autism, I could track each and every aspect of my life to this. The bullying, the headaches, the sounds that no one could hear, the things that no one could see. Prior to reading that post, I’d thought I was going insane. I thought I had schizophrenia (see this is why you shouldn’t self-diagnose, it’s easy to get it wrong). Turns out nope, I’m just autistic. It was a relief and a huge burden at the same time.

It was a moment of self-realisation.

See Google doesn’t always bring bad news.



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