The Aspie Student Trying to Write

Writing. for me sometimes, is like relaxing on a beach watching the sea … whilst a big ass jellyfish repeatedly stings my face.

My autistic brain races at a pace I can’t even begin to comprehend, never mind understand. My concentration can be broken by a passing ant giving off the tiniest of sneezes. One second, do ants sneeze? Apparently according to google, ants neither sneeze or cough, due to the fact they do not breathe through their mouths. So maybe it isn’t sneezing ants distracting me. Well actually sneezing ants are distracting me now. Shit.

So yeah, today I am attempting to write a reflective writing piece. What’s happened so far is a vague strange metaphor about writing, and a google info dump about ants.

I’ve even come to the university library. A trove of learning. Sadly, it also has 8 foot windows with a massive sun glare.

My eyes hurt, which makes my brain hurt. But there are people sat by me, I don’t really want to move away from them and move somewhere else as it makes me seem rude. Sorry random stranger student lady, you don’t smell, just the sun is doing funny things to my brain.

I’m going to keep this post short. As I really should be getting back to attempting to do some actual coursework. Wish me luck.


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