Lily Red and Mr Wolph (Updated)

My original story Lily Red and Mr. Wolph but this is an updated version with some character development, and other changes based on the feedback I had back from my fellow students. Please give it a read and I hope you enjoy

Lily Red and Mr Wolph

BANG! BANG! BANG! A gang of teenage boys kick a ball into a pair of rusty garage doors. On the council estate of Uponthyme this is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Probably the only form that isn’t necessarily illegal.

“Watch out!” shouts one of the lads, as he misjudges his kick. Which sends the ball soaring over the garage, where it smashes through the window of a flat directly above.

“Shit,” says one of the others. The boys run full pelt away from the garages. Hoping that whoever lives in the flat is not six foot five and built like a brick shithouse.

Inside the flat, a skinny girl named Lily jumps up from her sofa with a start. Lily is in her late teens, has scraggly bleached blonde hair, and her face still has the remnants of yesterday’s make up smeared across it. “What the ‘ell was tha’?” she slurs half asleep.

Surveying the scene in front of her. She notices the ball nestled in the corner of her room, and the glass from her window which is scattered over her carpet and the coffee table. Considering how often the boys play outside her window, it doesn’t take Lily long to put two and two together.

“The little bastards, I’ll ring their necks,” she mutters as she rushes over to the window, the broken shards of glass penetrate her bare feet. “Fuck that hurts!” She looks out the window, and scans for any sign of the perpetrators. The street below is empty, except for the burnt out remains of a ford focus and a tabby stray cat.

She limps back to her sofa, falls on it, and attempts to pull the shards of glass out of her bloody feet.

“This is the last fucking thing I need,” Lily says to herself. Most the blood-soaked glass was now on the table in front of her. Lily checks her pockets for some evidence of what she got up to last night. She should be more worried that she can’t remember, but it is not the first time this has happened. Out of her pockets she pulls her mobile phone; with its newly cracked screen, her bank card; that goes along with her empty account, and a bag full of white powder; that would explain why she can’t remember anything. “How did I afford this?” Lily questions.

Then her phone vibrates. She picks it up, unlocks it and looks at the broken screen. It shows 5 missed calls and 17 text messages. She opens one message, ‘Lily? Where da fuck r u? I want my cash!’ the others are a lot less polite than this one. So that’s how she got the coke.

The text messages are from Mr. Wolph. A local drug dealer who Lily has been pretty much indebted to for almost two years now, ever since she moved out of Gran’s house. Lily has promised herself that she was going to kick her cocaine addiction, but Mr. Wolph always seems to know when she is feeling down and offers her a pick-me-up. That must have been what happened last night.

“Shit, think Lily think,” She mutters to herself. A thousand panicked thoughts fly through her head. Mr. Wolph is dangerous, he won’t wait long for his money. She could get a job? They were always looking for bar staff at the local pub, maybe she could try down there.

She wraps her still bleeding soles in bandages, pulls on a pair of socks and shoes. Grabs her favourite red hoody off the laundry pile and began to slowly make her way to the pub in town. Her feet were still throbbing, and Lily was trying to put as little weight on them as possible.

Uponthyme’s town has seen better days, nearly all the stores were closed. The butcher’s son was murdered last year, which led to that store being closed down. The baker sold his business to a chain store and moved on. The candlestick maker had been harassed by the youths in the area, they even set fire to his store. No one knew what happened to him in the end. Even the builder’s yard of The Three Pyg brothers stood vacant. Though Lily had heard that they owed a lot of money to Mr. Wolph. If you piss him off, you were not around long after that.

Lily began to cross the road to get to Jack and Jill’s pub, but a Black Range Rover swerves in front of her, causing her to stumble backwards.

“Fuck! You idiot. Watch where ya going,” She screams at the blacked-out windows.

“Now, now, is that really the best way to talk to me, Lily Red?” A familiar voice answers back.

The door opens and out climbs Mr Wolph, with his slicked back greying hair and big bushy beard. His great big eyes glared at her, Lily’s whole body began to shake with terror.

He scans her, like a predator scans its prey, “I’m going to ask you a very simple question, where is my money?” This question sounds more like a threat to Lily especially as he is almost growling it at her.

She takes a few steps back and stutters “I don’t, I mean, I will, I…”

Without warning Mr. Wolph pounces on her and knocks her to the floor, which winds Lily. Mr. Wolph climbs on top of Lily, pins her hands down with his strong arms, and lowers his face to hers.

“Where is my FUCKING MONEY!” his face is full of rage. His spit splatters on Lily’s face. What’s that smell? Is that raw meat? Supposedly, when you are the estate’s biggest drug dealer, you can afford to eat at those fancy restaurants where your steak is almost alive when they serve it to you.

Lily is struggling to breathe, the smell is getting to her. He wants the money today, where can she get it? Gran gave her money from her inheritance last month, she won’t give her anymore by choice. But Granny’s memory is not the way it used to be, maybe she could convince her addled brain that she hadn’t given her it to her yet. Or she could always steal it. God, this shit is fucked up.

“I’m jus’ … on ma way … to get it,” Lily manages to gasp this out as the air begins to leave her body and her vision becomes blurred.

Mr. Wolph bares his long white teeth, and his mask of anger turns into a wicked smile “See, now that wasn’t so hard was it?” Then he climbs off the top of her and Lily splutters. The next few breaths she takes are painful and her eyes are wet with tears. She looks up at Mr. Wolph, he dusts himself off and slicks his grey hair back out of his eyes.

“You’ve got an hour Red, so tell me where you are going?” He didn’t even attempt to hide the threat in his voice this time. Lily knew it was not worth lying to this animal.

“I’m going to my Gran’s. When my parents died she got my money out of the trust fund, I’ll get the money from her” These words spewed out of Lily’s mouth, she wanted to get as far away from Mr. Wolph as she could.

He looked at her, Lily could almost hear the twisted cogs turn in his head. “If you haven’t contacted me by the end of the hour, I will sniff you out and the result won’t be pleasant.” He offers Lily his hand and pulls her to her feet.

He turns his back on her and climbs back into the vehicle, starts the engine. Lily breathes a sigh of relief, but then his scary eyes are back on her. “On second thoughts, what’s her address? It’ll save me hunting you down, I can just come pick you or the money up from Granny’s in an hour.”

Lily did not like the inflection on the word ‘you’, but she knew if she didn’t give him Granny’s address right now, she was not going to be going to Granny’s at all.

“Its … 1697 Cottage Lane … Don’t come to my Granny’s though please, she’s not well, I’ll get your money and text you a meeting place. There’s plenty of money there, honest.” Lily was trying to sound as sincere as she possibly could. If Mr. Wolph came to her Granny’s, and told her about her problem, it would break her Gran’s heart.

“Red, if you don’t text me, I will be coming there,” Mr. Wolph emphasises every syllable of this as he leers at her. Lily manages to muster a fake smile, nods and stumbles off down Woodland Drive. Mr. Wolph waits until she is out of sight and then begins to drive off.

“Stupid coked-up brat, fuck waiting for her. I know where Granny lives now,” His voice is a deep snarl, and he has a sadistic look on his face as he turns down Lye Street, and heads to 1697 Cottage Lane. He is so focused on teaching Lily a lesson he doesn’t realise the white car that follows him directly after.


Ten minutes later, Mr. Wolph climbs out of his Range Over in a side street just around the corner from Granny’s house. He strolls out onto Cottage Lane and begins to check the house numbers. He mutters to himself as he does this “1695 … 1696 … Here we are 1697.” Granny’s house was huge, Mr. Wolph wonders why Red would ever leave this place, he wouldn’t.

He walks up the garden path to the oak door, and pulls on the brass knocker three times. He hears movements inside along with the jangle of keys. The door opens and Lily’s Granny stands in front of him, a short once plump woman, with wispy white hair, big brown glasses and a faraway look in her eyes.

“Hello? Do I know you?” Her voice is shaky, and she is looking at Mr. Wolph’s face intensely,  as if to try and register some form of recognition. Mr. Wolph couldn’t believe his luck, this is going to be easier than he expected.

His face breaks into a massive toothy gleaming smile, and begins to almost purr at Granny in his most charming voice, “No, sorry I don’t believe we have met before. My name is Jacob Wolph, I’m a friend of your granddaughter’s. Lily?” Granny’s face is lit up with joy at the mention of Lily’s name. So far, so good, Mr. Wolph thinks and continues “She asked me to meet her here, she wanted to introduce to me to her wonderful Granny, but silly me I must have got here early.”

Granny’s face was like a child’s at Christmas by this point “Did she call me wonderful? Oh bless her, she is a lovely child, it’s been too long since her last visit. Please … Jack was it? Do come in and wait.”

Granny turns her back on Mr. Wolph, and happily leads him into the house. Mr. Wolph pulls a pair of black leather gloves out of his coat and places them onto his hands. His friendly façade disappears as he gently closes the door behind him.


Lily is still shaking when she turns up outside Granny’s house twenty minutes later. She would have been here sooner, but her injured feet really slowed her down. Still, she has half an hour to get the money, one way or another, and meet with Mr. Wolph.

She catches sight of herself in the window of a parked white car. Her hair is all out of place from her scuffle with him, she has panda eyes from crying, and her clothes are covered in dirt. She tries to brush the dirt off, fix her hair, and wipe away some of the black streaks, but it doesn’t work, if anything she looks worse now.

“Can I help you?” comes a smooth voice from behind her. Lily spins around and finds herself face to face with a handsome, tall, man in his mid-thirties. He has chestnut coloured hair, hazel eyes and a kind smile.

“Um … no? Why would you think I need help?” Lily did not mean to sound so defensive, but she is not used to people being nice to her for no reason.

The man looks at her with his head turned slightly to the side, before he smiles and says “I don’t, I was just wondering if you were finished checking yourself out in my car window.”

Lily blushes, opens her mouth to talk, but nothing comes out instead she moves away from the car and towards Granny’s garden gate. The man shakes his head in disbelief, climbs into his car, and slams the door behind him. Lily looks back, and sees that he is just sat there watching her. Actually, he seems to be glaring angrily at her. “Wierdo” she huffs to herself , before she opens the gate and walks up the garden path.

Once she reaches the oak door she takes a deep breath, “you can do this Lily”. She then reaches out to knock the door, but there is no need, the door is already open. Lily slowly pushes it inwards, and peeks around the side of it. No sign of Granny, she must have gone out and forgot to close the door. “This makes my job a lot easier” Lily mutters before heading to the kitchen.

“Granny?” Lily calls out as she enters the kitchen. No response, so she rushes over to the old cabinet, pulls it away from the wall, and enters the combination into the safe behind it. The lock clicks, and the safe swings open. Just as Lily grabs the first bundle of pound notes, she hears an almighty crash from above her. Lily stuffs the money back into the safe, pushes it closed and moves the cabinet back into place.

Lily swiftly leaves the kitchen, and moves to the bottom of the stairs. She listens for more sounds from above, nothing, so she calls aloud “Granny? Granny are you here? It’s me Lily.”

Two coughs come in response and then a frail-sounding voice answers “Yes, Lily I’m just in my room. Not feeling well, let yourself out dear.”

Granny sounded strange, so Lily quietly crept up two steps before replying. “Granny? You are not kidding, you sound really rough, is there anything I can do?”. Lily began to feel real bad, here is her Granny unwell in bed and she was planning to rob her.

“No Lily Red, nothing you can do, I think I got the flu,” the voice replied.

Lily suddenly felt sick with worry, her Granny doesn’t call her Lily Red. Something was seriously wrong here. She sprints up the steps, not looking where she was going. As she reaches the top her foot catches something soft, and she falls down on her face.

Her nose is bleeding, her head is throbbing, and her heart is racing. She turns her head to see what thing she had caught her foot on. Its someone not something. Lily’s Granny lies on the cream carpet her eyes closed, as blood seeps out the back of her skull. Next to her is a tacky ornamental picnic basket, also covered in blood.

Lily stands up and rushes to Granny, , kneels down and holds her. She checks her pulse, its weak but still there. Lily pulls her phone out of her pocket, dials 999 and puts it to her ear. Just as the person answers the call, she feels a sharp blow to her back and collapses on the floor next to her Gran.

“Ya couldn’t just take the money and leave could ya Red?” Mr. Wolph’s voice was full of malice. Lily turns her head to see her attacker, his hair is crazy, his eyes are wide and his teeth are bared like the fangs of an angry dog. His hands are covered in blood, her Granny’s blood. He grabs Lily and throws her head first down the stairs. Lily thinks she feels every bone in her body break on the way down.

Lily is struggling to remain conscious, her body is in so much pain. She makes a silent prayer for help, if her and her Granny manage to survive this she will never touch that stuff again.

Mr. Wolph appears at the foot of the stairs, “ I don’t usually kill women, but if I’ve killed one, I may as well kill another,” he steps into the living room, and comes back with the wood axe from by the fireplace.

Lily is crying, she begs Mr. Wolph to spare her. Pleads with him to just take the money and leave. As he raises the axe above his head, she leaves out one last scream for help.

Suddenly the door flies open, the man that Lily was speaking to earlier stands in the door way. “DI Huntsman. Mr Wolph, put the weapon down!” he commands in a voice full of authority, whilst he flashes his police badge.

Mr. Wolph shoots looks between the strong new arrival and the vulnerable Lily on the floor. Lily can tell he is weighing up his options. Mr. Wolph turns to face Huntsman and runs at him with the axe still raised above his head. Huntsman pulls out his pistol and shoots Mr. Wolph straight through the heart. Mr. Wolph drops backwards to the floor. He’s dead before he even hits the carpet.

Huntsman runs over to Lily’s broken body, and smiles sadly at her. “See, you did need help after all,” Lily attempts to laugh but passes out instead.

Huntsman pulls his phone out of his pocket, looks at Mr. Wolph’s dead body and makes a call. “Hey, it’s DI Huntsman, the priority target is dead, was not possible to make an arrest.” He then looks down at Lily “Secondary target was injured badly by priority target before I arrived on the scene. She needs medical attention and some help with substance addiction”. Huntsman steps over Lily and begins to climb upstairs.

He finds Granny and quickly checks her over. “We also have an elderly lady that was grievously assaulted by the priority target, she needs instant medical attention. I think she is the secondary target’s grandmother.” He then hangs up the phone and sighs.


Lily opens her eyes and sees the Hi-Vis vests of the medics working on her and her Granny. She guesses she’s in an ambulance as the small room she finds herself in seems to be moving. She hears the medics trying to save her Granny and reaches her hand out to grab her Granny’s hand. Before whispering “I’m sorry.”

It’s not the happiest of endings, but it’s the best ending this story is going to get.


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