Discarded to the Woods (Poem)

Grey Hoody, Black Jeggings, thrown into a bush,

Ragged, torn, and now considered trash.

Streams filled with waste, plastic bottles and bags,

Natural walkways, littered with cans and fags.


Broken Glass, Rusted metal where children could play,

Sullying the forest with the scraps of today.

Less animals roam, they take cover and stay hidden,

Once a natural paradise, now dangerous and forbidden.


Old furniture, dumped rather than taken to a skip

Rather than make a twenty-minute trip.

Its left to rot, a blemish to the eyes,

Whilst the lush green grass beneath it withers and dies.


Stuffed teddies, old toys, moss covered and mouldy,

Outgrown by their owners, discarded and lonely,

Superted, Pingu, past their prime, sit dirty and rotten,

All this and more sent to the woods, then forgotten.



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