Creating Zero – The Intertexts of the Forgotten Child of Eden

One of my least favourite subjects in University is Intertexts. Intertexts is difficult to even explain, but I will give it a go.

Intertextual theories suggest that you can never truly understand a piece of literature until you look at what texts have helped to create it. A text never stands alone, Intertextuality (Yes I know it sounds like a dirty word) believes that an author is consciously or sub-consciously affected by everything that they have either read, seen or heard.

When I began my English and Creative Writing Course I didn’t really understand this concept, nor did I believe the theory held any truth behind it. But, as I began to create my own characters, stories and universes, i realised that writers are indeed a product of what they have already digested.

So today’s post is going to look at one of these characters that I have created, Zero, the immortal forgotten child of Eden, and I am going to attempt to look at what influenced me to come up with this character.

The Bible

Firstly, lets get the most obvious one out of the way. Zero is the forgotten Child of Eden. He is a child of the garden of Eden, the biblical garden of the Christian faith. The garden was envisioned as a Paradise and my version of Eden has been influenced by not only the version from the bible stories, but also from artists interpretations of Eden. We have God, we have Adam, we have Eve. There is also the forbidden fruit of knowledge, but my version of the serpent is a little different. In my Eden the serpent is God, testing his children, in fear that one day they would rise up against him and take Eden by force. When Adam and Eve fail the test, he banishes them as in the bible story, but the difference being that rather than gaining self knowledge, they have instead been stripped of their immortality.

Assassins’ Creed

My idea for a slightly altered genesis story came from the Assassins’ Creed franchise. In this franchise, the ones that came before (God) use humans as slaves and control them through the pieces of Eden (Powerful artifacts imbued with the powers of the Gods). The Adam and Eve of Assassins’ Creed rise up against their masters and steal a piece of Eden. Which leads to a war between humans and the gods, this only comes to an end once an apocalyptic disaster causes both sides to go into hiding. My version of God goes into hiding after the loss of Adam and Eve. Only returning when the Earth has been so badly damaged that he comes to save some of his creations from the planet’s destruction. Later in my story I plan for Zero to lead a group against God, in a war to break the celestial being’s power over his creations.

Doctor Who

The Doctor is (or at least was) the last time lord, who survived the time war. Zero is the last true child of Eden, who survived the fall of Eden. The Doctor travels through time and space, often getting involved in major points of Earth’s history. Zero is immortal, therefore he will be present for all of Earth’s history. I plan for Zero to interact with famous historic figures, and also get involved in history directly. Plans I already have include: him being kidnapped by the Nazi’s and experimented on in order to work out what makes him immortal, and him being present at the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Zero is also influenced by the Doctor’s aversion to killing, when Eden falls apart Zero lives on berries and seeds. He will not kill the animals and eat their flesh, which unbeknownst to him is why he retains his immortality. When he comes to Earth, the only time he will kill is if someone he cares about is in danger. Zero also shares the Doctor’s curse that he will outlive all of his companions, due to his immortality.

These are just three of the big influences that I can think of, others include Greek Mythology (talking statues), Paradise Lost (The Fall), Interview With A Vampire (A tragic immortal, who just wants to die) as well as many more that I am consciously aware of. I’m sure there are even more that I am unconsciously aware of. But I’m sure someone else will pick up on those if I ever make it as a writer.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read this, leave me a like, drop me a comment, and if you want to see the draft script of Zero’s beginnings. Please follow the link below…

ZERO:The Forgotten Child Of Eden (Script-writing Draft)



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