Center, No, I mean Centre

The one problem I’ve realized (I mean realised) about using in the UK is that some words get signaled (I mean signalled) as being misspelt (I mean misspelled), when I know that the spelling I have given is correct.

Like when I tried putting an article on the other day talking about my favorite (I mean favourite) forms of procrastination, I found myself getting extremely annoyed by the site’s spellchecker. I knew with every fiber (I mean fibre) of my being that I was spelling favorite (I mean favourite) correctly.

I was beginning to take personal offense (I mean offence) to the patronizing (I mean patronising) red squiggly line under my words. I theorized (I mean theorised) that i was being victimized (I mean victimised) by an automated system. I could visualize (I mean visualise) the correct spelling of all the words it was deeming unrecognizable (I mean unrecognisable).

At this point I was quickly spiraling (I mean spiralling) into an uncivilized (I mean uncivilised) rage. The only way for me to stabilize (I mean stabilise) my mood into one of tranquility (I mean tranquillity) was to utilize (I mean utilise) Google and find out what I was doing wrong.

I cannot even begin to verbalize (I mean verbalise) my surprise at what i found out. Turns out our American neighbors (I mean neighbours) spell certain words differently to us. Obviously with WordPress being a American website it only recognizes the American spelling.

So I backpedaled (I mean backpeddaled) through my entire post, returning the American words to their UK counterparts. I apologized (I mean apologised) to the spellchecker, for my behavior (I mean behaviour) seeing as I had accused it repeatedly of bastardizing (I mean bastardising) the English language. Before trying to forget this traumatizing (I mean traumatising) experience.

Then I decided to try today’s daily prompt … It was Center …


via Daily Prompt: Center


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