Aspie Brain Fog

Okay … today i got nothing … except for an explanation of why I got nothing …

I am an Aspie (person diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome).

Now before I carry on, let me just say that i do not class myself as disabled, i prefer the term differently abled. Sometimes my Aspergers works in my favor, sometimes like today it doesn’t.

Today I feel stuck, the weather sucks, I can’t concentrate on coursework or housework long enough to do anything of importance, and my brain is buzzing continuously like I got a god damn bee hive stuck in there.

These days are very few and far between. But when they descend they can put me in a really irritable mood. Normally I would go for a walk, but the weather is not cooperating today.

Instead I’m stuck in the house, thinking of the coursework and housework I could do (there is plenty of it). So I came to my computer and rather than try and think of something witty or interesting to post today, I decided to start writing about how I feel.

I may post something better later, I don’t think the brain mist is going to fuck off anytime soon … But we can hope.


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