ZERO:The Forgotten Child Of Eden (Script-writing Draft)

Just some draft work of my script-writing work for university …



Stephen Jones



A Temple in greece. The temple is in a state of ruin. Outside a storm rages, thunder, lightening, hurricanes, lava and snow. It is the end of days. The temple’s walls are shaking and tiles fall from the ceiling. in the middle of the giant temple, on a throne sits a solitary figure. A man who appears to be in his late twenty’s. He has ragged clothes, long overgrown hair, and a bushy beard. this man’s name is ZERO, he is immortal. He is not scared of the apocalypse outside, in fact he seems quite glad of it. Behind him is a twenty-five-foot-tall statue of some ancient god. He stands up and turns to address the statue.


So … here we are … me and you, at the end … just like we were at the beginning.

The statue smiles at him. Looks at him with sadness in his eyes. THE CREATOR is possessing the statue as a means of communicating with Zero


Yes, it has come full circle my son.

At the words my son, Zero laughed manically, and flashed a vulgar hand gesture towards The Creator.


Don’t you dare call me that! ‘my son!’ ha! Oh heavenly father, the only son you cared about you let die on that damned cross!

The Creator’s face was now full of rage. Zero smiled at the anger upon the statue’s face.


There he is. There’s the true you. The one that banished my friends, over a fucking apple!


Insolent child! You don’t underst…

Zero picked up the stone throne and launched it across the room it landed with a crash.


I don’t understand? Really? I think I understand quite well. You were scared of your own children, you thought we were gonna rise up. Take your crown. So you tested us, with that stupid apple. She was innocent. She didn’t have a fucking clue what you had planned for her.


Maybe I acted rashly, but it was for the benefit of the garden. I had to protect Eden. Protect you.


Protect me? You left me there! Do you have any idea what I’ve been through? No because you chucked them out! Then followed them and forgot about me


I could not find it again. Once I left, it was impossible for me to get back. I thought you would be safe. I had no idea you had even left.


You thought I would be safe? Let me tell you how safe I was.

EXT. Garden of Eden. Night.

The Garden seems peaceful, nestled between some palm trees is the entrance to a small cave. The orange glow of a fire is seen coming from the cave. The sounds of animals and birds can be heard, as we zoom into the cave entrance.

INT. Cave. Night

Zero, now with shorter hair and a smaller beard. Is clothed in a loin cloth, sitting cross legged next to a small fire. On the floor beside him is an assortment of leaves, berries and shoots. He has been living in this cave for quite some time. He is unclean but seems unharmed. A small lion cub, that he has named ADAM is laid on some hay opposite him, sleeping. Around Adam lays a pile of small bones. Zero lets out a sigh, runs his hands through his hair, and begins talking very quietly to Adam.


I don’t know how much longer we can survive like this Adam. Tomorrow we will have to make for the arch. Paradise is lost. Father, Brother and Sister are not coming back. We will have to go find them. The trees have been stripped bare and they don’t seem to be growing new fruits.

Adam continues to sleep. But yawns. Zero laughs at the animal.


I wish I could sleep as easily as you my friend. Tomorrow at dawn we shall make our way to the arch. It is time to leave the garden.

EXT. Jungle. Day

Zero and Adam are walking through a dense jungle, being careful not to make too much noise out of fear of drawing unwanted attention. Zero has no weapon, Adam finds the corpse of a monkey. Begins to eat it.


Okay, Okay, eat your fill. But then we really must move. I don’t want to be here when whatever creature killed that poor thing comes back.

Zero keeps an eye out whilst Adam feeds. The sounds of the jungle are all around him. Zero hears a branch break and turns to a bush. Its moving.


Adam … We got to go …

Adam looks up at the sound of his name. Leaves the carcass and walks towards Zero, his face is covered in blood. Zero keeps his eyes on the bush. It has stopped moving.


Good boy. Come on, lets …

Suddenly a massive adult tiger leaps out at Adam knocking him to the ground. The tiger rears up and launches himself at Zero, Zero dodges him and the tiger hits his head on a boulder. With the tiger stunned, Zero turns and runs, with Adam keeping pace with him.


We just … got to get … to the river. Come on Adam … we … can … do it.

Zero and Adam continue to run full pelt, dodging branches, there is the sound of the tiger running behind them.

EXT. River. Day

Zero and Adam reach the raging river, there is no other way to cross it, they must swim. The tiger is getting closer. Zero attempts to scoop Adam into his arms. But Adam does not want to go into river and struggles, before jumping back to the floor. The tiger leaps out behind them.


Adam … we got to go in the water now! … come on get in my arms …

The tiger leaps at Zero, Adam jumps to defend him, Zero loses his balance and falls into the river.



Zero struggles against the current but is getting carried downstream. The tiger is on top of Adam, mouth open, teeth bared. Adam yelps as the tiger kills him. Zero continues to scream but gets pulled under the current and passes out.


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