Lily Red and Mr Wolph (DraftWork)

(First Post of Today, just the work that my post last night was based on)

BANG! BANG! BANG! A gang of teenage boys kick a ball into a pair of rusted garage doors. The game doesn’t seem to have any rules, but when youngsters are bored and unstimulated, they will try and get fun in all kinds of unconventional ways. This was a problem for all youths from the council estate of Uponthyme. Here they were far removed from the splendour of the big cities, poverty, teenage pregnancy, and poor education was the norm. Some even turned to a life of crime, or drink and drugs to forget about their pathetic existence.

“Watch Out!” shouted one of the lads, as the ball he had kicked missed the garage doors, and smashed through the window of a flat, directly above.

“Shit” said one of the others, and the boys ran full pelt away from the garages. Hoping that whoever lived in the flat was not six foot five and built like a brick shithouse.

Inside the flat, a girl jumped up from her sofa with a start. She seemed to be in her late teens, had scraggly bleached blonde hair and her face still had the remnants of yesterday’s make up smeared across it. “What the ‘ell was tha’?” she slurred half asleep. She surveyed the scene in front of her. Glass was strewn all over her coffee table, a ball lay in the corner of her dingy little room. “The little bastards, I’ll ring their necks”, she rushed over to the window, accidentally stepping in glass on her way there. “Fuck! Fuck that hurts”. She looked out the window, scanning for any sign of the perpetrators, but they were already long gone.

She limped back to the sofa, fell on it, and proceeded to pull the shards of glass out of her bleeding feet. Just then her phone vibrated. She picked it up, unlocked it and looked at her cracked screen. 5 missed calls and 17 text messages. She opened one message, ‘Lily? Where da fuck r u? I want my cash!’, the others were a lot less polite than this one.

They were from Mr Wolph, her dealer. Lily had a coke addiction, had since she was fifteen years old when her mother passed away. The last few weeks she had been getting her scores on tick, promising to pay him as soon as she got a job. Her time was up.

“Shit, Shit, Shit” She muttered to herself. She was panicking now, trying to think of a way to get money quick. Then it hit her, Granny! Her Gran was meant to be her legal guardian, but Lily had moved out of her house when she had begun to lose her marbles, she hadn’t been there in a while. But Granny has money and who would believe the crazy old lady if she said that money had been stolen from her?

So, she wrapped her still bleeding soles in bandages, pulled on a pair of socks and shoes. Grabbed her favourite red hoody off the laundry pile and began to make her way to Granny’s house on the other side of Uponthyme.

After she had been walking for about five minutes, she hadn’t gotten far, due to her feet. A black range rover pulled in front of her and blocked her path.

“Fuck! You idiot, watch where ya going” She screamed at the blacked-out windows.

“Is that really the best way to talk to me Lily Red?” A familiar voice answered back.

Mr Wolph climbed out of the vehicle, with his slicked back greying hair and bushy beard. His great eyes glared at her.

“Where is my money?” he growled at Lily. Lily didn’t know how to react and attempted to flee, but he pounced on her knocking her to the floor, winding her. “Where is my FUCKING MONEY!” his face was inches away from her, his breath smelt like raw meat, he must have been to some fancy restaurant, where the steak was almost alive when they served it to you.

“I’m jus’ … on ma way … to get it” Lily was trembling now, terrified.

“Where ya going? I’ll give you a lift there” Wolph offered charmingly, at least it would have been charming had he not been pinning her to the ground.

“Ya can’t, I’m going to my Grans, she’s not well, doesn’t take kindly to strangers”, Mr Wolph climbed off her at this point.

“Red, you are really starting to test my patience, you got an hour, if you haven’t text me by then. I’m coming looking for ya” With this he pulled Lily up off the floor by her hand, and climbed back into the range rover. “What’s her address, if you ain’t text me by the hour, Granny is going to get a visit”.

“12 Cottage Road. Look I will get your money, the crazy old bint got plenty of it” Lily, dusting herself off, looked at Mr Wolph and tried to give him the sincerest look she could muster.

Lily turned away from the jeep and staggered off. “She got plenty of it, has she?”, Mr Wolph said to himself as he turned the corner. Another car turned the corner just after him.


Ten minutes later, Mr Wolph was outside number 12 Cottage Road. The house was huge, he strolled up the garden path and knocked upon the door. An elderly lady answered the door, she looked quite dishevelled and appeared to stare right through Mr Wolph. “Hello there, who are you?” she asked quietly.

“Hi, I’m a friend of your Granddaughter, Lily Red? She asked me to meet her here, I must be early, is she not here yet?” Mr Wolph purred in his most charming voice.

“Oh, Lily you say, is she coming to visit, wonderful! No, she’s not here yet, but you are more than welcome to come in and wait”. The old lady had the biggest smile on her face as she let Mr Wolph in.


Lily Red, arrived twenty minutes later, she looked at herself in a window pane, checked her hair, rubbed off some of her make-up. “You can do this Lily, if you don’t he’s going to break your legs”.

Outside the house was a white car, with a man sat in the front seat. He nodded to Lily as she passed, “strange” she thought. She walked up the garden path and knocked the door, there was no need it was already open. She let herself in and after a quick search through the downstairs realised that Granny was not here.

“This makes my job a lot easier” she muttered to herself. She went into the kitchen pushed the cupboard out of the way and opened the safe behind it. As the lock clicked and the door opened she heard an almighty crash from upstairs. She walked to the bottom of the stairs.

“Granny?” she called aloud “Granny are you here?”

Two coughs answered her and then a frail sounding voice “Yes Lily, I’m just in my room. Not feeling well, let yourself out dear”.

“Granny? You’re not kidding, you sound really rough” Lily put as much worry into her voice as she could.

“Yes, Lily Red, I think I got the flu” the voice replied again.

‘Lily Red?’ Lily was suspicious now, her Gran never called her that, she began to creep upstairs, something was wrong here.

At the top of the stairs lay the body of her Gran, her body laid at an awkward angle. Blood seeping from the back of her skull. An ornamental stone picnic basket lay nearby. It was also covered in blood. Lily’s heart began to race, she almost screamed but managed to muffle the sound by covering her mouth with her hands.

“Ya couldn’t just take the money and leave could ya Red?” Mr Wolph had stepped out of her Gran’s bedroom. Now he leaped down the stairs towards her. Lily tried to run and tripped, twisting her ankle in the process.

“I asked her so many times where the money was, all she had to do was tell me, she tried to ring the police on me. I don’t make a habit of killing old ladies but well I don’t want to go to jail. Sadly, that means you’ll have to die too Red”. He picked up the wood axe from by the fire and lifted it above his head, ready to fetch it down on Lily. Lily was begging him to spare her now, crying.

“Help!” she screamed, though she knew it was probably in vain.

Just then the door flew open and in came the man who was sat in the white car earlier, he was mid-thirties, tall and handsome. “DI Huntsman, Mr Wolph, put the weapon down” he commanded in a voice full of authority, whilst flashing his police badge.

Mr Wolph did not put the weapon down, instead he turned to Huntsman and ran at him with the axe still in the air. Huntsman pulled out a pistol and shot Mr Wolph in the heart BANG! Mr Wolph dropped to the floor. He was dead before he hit the carpet.

DI Huntsman then came over to Lily and explained that he had been watching them both for quite some time. He was hoping to arrest Mr Wolph, but at least now he couldn’t hurt anyone else. The pain of her feet and her ankle caused Lily to pass out.

Huntsman called for medical assistance and went upstairs where he found Gran, her pulse was weak but she still had one. Hopefully the ambulance would get here quick enough.


It’s not the happiest of endings, but it’s the best ending this story is going to get.



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