That Painful First Attempt

I am clueless when it comes to blogging.

So clueless that i googled the dictionary definition of blogging.

What i found was “Writing about an event, situation, topic etc.”

How vague is that definition? I was counting on you google, you had one job.

So now, here i am, on a site made for blogging. With instructions from my university tutor to begin a blog, and I am just going to wing it.

Yes i was told the basics, “it’s good to have a target audience”, “try and find a theme”, “update content regularly”.

Well right now, I’m happy for my target audience to be someone who stumbled on my page by accident. My theme is that I don’t know how to blog. As for updating content regularly, if somebody wants to read more than one post like this, i may worry for their  psychological well-being.

(Note to Self: Do Not Insult Audience)

This is my starting point, I’m hoping I’ll get better and I’m hoping my blog posts may begin to border on readable.

Until that happy day comes, do you know where I’ll be?

Googling “How to Blog” and on Amazon ordering a “Blogging for Dummies Book”.

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