Welcome to the blog of The School Dropout …

No longer a University student… I graduated. 2:1, could have been a 1st with a bit more effort into my workload, but 2:1 is better than I expected. Especially when you look back at my journey to get here. The mere fact that I have a degree of any form is surptising enough.

I dropped out of school pre-GCSE, i was about 13-14 years old. It wasn’t so much the school’s fault, i was your typical teenage tearaway just with an added dash of Autism.

I skipped any form of education then until a quick two week course of home schooling in 2006, just before my GCSE’s.

I managed to somehow nab myself a C in Maths, and a D in English (Yes, I know I’m an English Student).

After that i went off the deep end. Drank myself silly until 2010, when my first child was born.

Learnt new ways to deal with my Autism, after a quick round of Anti-Psychotics (story for another time).

Eventually decided that I wanted to get a good education, people always said i had potential. So i enrolled in college.

Did two rounds of Access to Humanities (English Lit, Sociology, Psychology & Law), met some amazing people. Learnt so much from an amazing tutor, Lesley Roberts. I gained the skills, knowledge, abilities and confidence to apply to Uni.

Got accepted onto my course of English and Creative Writing and here i am!

This School Dropout did good